A Vertical Community

August 2017

A Vertical Community

Melbourne's rapid growth means families are reimagining fresh versions of suburbia. To learn more, we sat down with a Pace of Carnegie buyer to hear his take on the family's new neighbourhood in the sky.

Glenn migrated from Sri Lanka 30 years ago and has built a life and successful career in Melbourne. He and his wife Valerine live in Mulgrave with their son, a 23-year-old student, while their daughter, 27 rents in Camberwell.

The family home is two stories with a large leafy back yard; the yard that was the catalyst for pursuing a new home in a vertical community. "One day I came to the realisation that I work all week, then spend the whole weekend keeping on top of the garden," says Glen "I don't get a break, and I want to be able to enjoy my time."

Glenn wanted to liberate his weekends; to be open to new experiences, and fostering a new community. "My kids could see, my wife was a little harder to convince, but after talking through our options we thought ‘why not de-clutter?' We could get rid of all the unimportant stuff we've collected over the years, purchase a couple of apartments, and then one day we could leave them for our children."

Glenn and Valerine began the house hunt, initially looking in the CBD before they found Pace of Carnegie. "It's perfect for us," says Glenn "it's more urban, and the amenity is incredible."

They fell in love with the lifestyle Pace of Carnegie would offer them. "We've walked up and down the main strip; there's a supermarket, local grocers, pharmacies, restaurants and cafes – you don't even really need a car, everything's a stone's throw away."

Glenn says Carnegie's village atmosphere naturally lends itself to community living. It's something he's looking forward to shaping at Pace of Carnegie, and feels this human centred approach has been well-considered in the building's resort style features.

"There's a pool, big terraces, and lots of greenery. We love that the interiors are so refined. They're spacious, with island benchtops, and Valerine loved that the two bedroom apartments come with two bathrooms… There'll be cafés and shops on the ground floor, so we can go downstairs and meet up with friends or neighbours for coffee too."

Glenn and Valerine have bought two, two bedroom apartments at Pace of Carnegie. "One for my wife and I on the first floor, and then one for my son on the fourth floor," says Glenn. "Our son will move in to his when the building is completed, and one day our daughter will have ours."

It's a legacy anyone would be proud to leave behind. Glenn knows his kids "will have each other in the neighbourhood for support," and that he and Valerine "will have done our best to make sure they both have a good start in life."

When we ask Glenn if it's going to be strange having his son living three floors up he laughs "We live in a place with an upper story already. My son spends all his time upstairs and only comes down for meals - it won't change at all!"

And does he have any reservations about his new multi-story suburb?

"None. I can't wait to get some leisure time back. That downtime, where you're not running yourself into the ground - it extends your life. I'm looking forward to getting rid of the lawnmower and relaxing."